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Aravilla Sarasota is a Vibrant and Caring Senior Living Community Where Residents Feel Like Family

Aravilla Sarasota features joyful senior living communities for independent assisted living and memory care, where discerning seniors have the freedom to live each day as they wish in a uniquely caring and innovative environment. Here, health and happiness are core to our mission and we have elevated senior living to an unmatched level.

Residents and families agree that our nurturing communities offer just the right balance of personal choice, care, and support.

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Aravilla Sarasota
Independent Assisted Living

3271 Proctor Road, Sarasota FL 34231
Phone: 941.413.5500 | Schedule a Tour

Aravilla Sarasota
Memory Care Community

3251 Proctor Road, Sarasota FL 34231
Phone: 941.413.5600 | Schedule a Tour

Aravilla Sarasota
Independent Assisted Living

3271 Proctor Road,
Sarasota FL 34231

Phone: 941.413.5500
Schedule a Tour

Aravilla Sarasota
Memory Care Community

3251 Proctor Road,
Sarasota FL 34231

Phone: 941.413.5600
Schedule a Tour

Aravilla Sarasota Senior Living Community
Seniors Enjoying the Pool at Independent Assisted Living Community Aravilla Sarasota
Beautiful Senior Living Residences at Memory Care Aravilla Sarasota
Beautiful Senior Residences with Private Porches at Memory Care Aravilla Sarasota
Assisted Living and Memory Care at Aravilla Sarasota
Welcoming Seniors at Memory Care Community Aravilla Sarasota
Beautiful Courtyards at Memory Care Community Aravilla Sarasota
Tour the Assisted Living and Memory Care Community at Aravilla Sarasota

Living the Aravilla Sarasota Life with Your Choice of
Assisted Living or Memory Care

Whether choosing assisted living or memory care, residents will revel in our lush tropical landscapes. Whispering palms and soothing fountains set the scene for enjoying a book or just conversing with friends. Our grounds are a sanctuary for Florida’s wildlife, too. Take a nature walk along one of our paths or visit our resident swans swimming in our beautiful lagoon.
Aravilla Sarasota Memory Care and Assisted Living Quality of Care Awards
Independent Assisted Living and Memory Care Social Life

Be Social and Be Well with Daily Activities and
Enrichment Programs

Our luxury senior living community has everything you need to thrive socially, intellectually and physically. We take a holistic approach to wellness that factors in your medical background, fitness needs and personal preferences. We’ll help you find activities that are right for you and can make healthy living a reality, regardless of your age.

We encourage social interaction and offer a variety of ways to keep busy and engaged:

  • Fun excursions to local restaurants, the beach and other points of interest
  • Live music, dancing, games and crafts
  • Family activities

Keeping our minds sharp is essential for enjoying a healthy and fulfilling life. Participation in our enrichment programs offers residents multiple opportunities to learn and thrive. Fitness is also a big contributor to a healthy mind and body. We’ll encourage you to participate in activities that meet your own physical level. Whether in a group exercises class or one-on-one, we’ll keep you moving.

Assisted Living or Memory Care at Aravilla Sarasota

Assisted Living or Memory Care, Aravilla Sarasota Provides Unsurpassed Care

While our Sarasota assisted living and memory care communities are in separate locations on campus, both offer customized care to fit the personal needs of each resident including:

  • 24/7 Onsite licensed nursing with wireless nurse call system monitored by a
  • Staff that has undergone training time that is twice that is required by the state of Florida
  • Onsite physical, occupational and speech therapies available
  • Housekeeping and laundry services

Settling in is Easy with Our Unique Personal Concierge Service

On day one, Aravilla Sarasota provides new residents with a personal concierge to make sure they feel at home right away. The concierge introduces and orients residents to their new community in the way that a special guest would be welcomed at a luxury hotel. This specially trained staff member serves as a constant companion for an introductory period and assures new residents can navigate the community on their own or know whom to ask for help. The concierge spends time listening in order to gain a deep understanding of the personality, likes and dislikes, habits, family members, and medication requirements of every new resident.

Assisted Living & Memory Care Divider Graphic Aravilla Sarasota

Locally Owned, Not Corporately Controlled

Unlike many other communities, Aravilla Sarasota is privately owned, not part of a large, impersonal corporation. That means our quality of care is personal and we follow our own evidence-based protocols that meet the needs of the people who live here. We’re also able to deliver a higher level of care because we get to personally know each resident. We have a tenured management team onsite, and our staff is trained and held to a higher standard. Ours is a culture of listening and we have an unrelenting commitment to residents’ happiness, health and well-being. We foster relationships and encourage close involvement and communication with family members and loved ones. Families can stay abreast of all our goings-on even if they aren’t nearby. We send out a monthly newsletter to families with an up-to-date social calendar. You can stay informed on the activities at Aravilla Sarasota and find opportunities for your own participation, if possible. We actively encourage families to spend as much time as they can with their loved ones at Aravilla Sarasota. Come experience the difference at Aravilla Sarasota Assisted Living and  Aravilla Sarasota Memory Care and schedule a personal tour of our community! We look forward to meeting you soon.

Creating Joyful Memories & Happy Moments

Creating Joyful Moments & Happy Memories

Special events and outings bring us together not only socially but emotionally, creating shared joy and experiences, allowing our senior residents to make new memories, offering chances to bond and build new friendships. (read memory care blog)

Memory Care Blog - Helping Seniors Feel More Like Themselves

How to Help Seniors with Memory Disorders Feel More Like Themselves

As we age, self-esteem and self-confidence often decline. Changes in how we look and feel, physical limitations, as well as cognitive challenges can have a major impact on emotional wellbeing, which in turn can affect overall health and sense of wellbeing. So how… (continue reading)

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