Aravilla Drum Circle

Siesta Beach has their own drum circle. Why can’t we have one here at Aravilla? Well, we do now. We had our first drum circle this past month. Our friend Scott came over with all of his many drums for us to have fun with. Scott has many drums in all sizes. Everyone had a chance to play their own drum. We started off with simply patterns and beats. At first some of us were nervous but in a matter of minutes we were all having a great time. Scott is coming back this month with his drums for us to have more fun. Join us for the next drum circle. May 31st at 2pm on the first floor and 3 pm on the second floor.

memory care resident playing drums
memory care drum circle
memory care resident singing playing drums

Bingo Blast at Aravilla Sarasota

Bingo is a crowd favorite. Aravilla residents have been asking for more bingo. So we decided to give them what they want. Now we will be playing 3 times per week. Join us every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 2pm in the atrium. There will be chocolaty prizes for everyone! See you there.

social gathering memory care Aravilla Sarasota

Aravilla Bus Outing

Our outings have been so much fun. The lunch bunch crew visited many restaurants like Demetrios and Culvers. As much as we enjoy going to restaurants we also love going out for picnics. Since this was probably the last month of cooler weather we will have here in Florida, we decided to go on a picnic. We visited Phillipi Park on a Wednesday, which is also the farmer’s marker day at the park. We sat under the gazebo where the shade kept us cool. Diana picked up “Pub Subs”, chips, a fruit platter and drinks for everyone to enjoy. They were delicious and the fruit was refreshing. After lunch, we walked over by the water and around the park. We saw kids playing, dogs walking and many more. We stopped by the farmers market to pick up donuts form a popular food truck. They were amazing. Can’t wait to tell you about our next adventures in the month of May.

nature outings memory care Aravilla Sarasota

The ladies enjoying the scenery at the park by the water.

Nancy getting a donut memory care outing Aravilla Sarasota

Nancy stands in line at Peachey’s donut truck at the farmers market.

Jean at the memory care picnic

Jean had a good picnic lunch.

May Fun!

Join us for Cinco De Mayo Fiesta
May 5th at 2 pm
Atrium & Dining Room 3

Nataly’s Birthday Party
May 7th at 2 pm
Atrium & Dining Room 3

Mother’s Day Tea Party
May 13th at 10 am

Memorial Day Remembrance Salute
May 27th at 11 am

Check our monthly Memory Care Community Calendar and see what’s all planned for May!

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