Memory Care communities are places where residents, caregivers, family members, and friends come together as an extended family and create joyful moments and new happy memories. Especially after the challenges and separation many of us felt during the past few years, it is more important than ever to highlight ways we can make a difference in our senior residents’ lives.

Special events and outings bring us together not only socially but emotionally, creating shared joy and experiences, allowing our senior residents to make new memories, offering chances to bond and build new friendships.

That’s why at Aravilla Sarasota, we pay special attention to organizing little events and celebrations for many holidays throughout the year, incorporating music, crafting, storytelling, and more to engage our residents’ senses, body and mind. When we engage multiple senses, it becomes more likely that the experience is stored in long-term memory and a new, happy memory is formed.

We love to celebrate each other by hosting special birthday events, enjoying music, cake, and sweet libations, sharing life stories and great wisdom, in the company of each other — residents, staff, family, and friends.  Weekly outings to local points of interest and fun restaurants are welcomed by all our senior residents who look forward to those cheerful moments of togetherness and shared experiences every single week.

Feeling surrounded by friends and engaging with others, seniors with dementia and other memory disorders start feeling more comfortable and connected, and may become more active, building confidence and self-esteem. Take a look at our monthly activities calendar to see all the great events we have planned for our residents creating joyful moments and new happy memories.