As we age, self-esteem and self confidence often decline. Changes in how we look and feel, physical limitations, as well as cognitive challenges can have a major impact on emotional wellbeing, which in turn can affect overall health and sense of wellbeing. So how can we help aging seniors, especially those with memory disorders, regain a little bit of confidence and self-esteem?

Support with self care, staying active, and engaging in meaningful activities can play a major role in boosting your loved one’s self esteem. Also, reducing stress is of great importance, as stress can contribute to raised blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, low energy levels, memory issues, and emotional distress.

Here a few helpful tips:

Social Interactions
Seniors who engage in regular social interactions generally seem to have higher self-esteem. Cook together, eat together, watch favorite movies, listen to music, go for walks, talk about favorite hobbies or life-time travels, current events – encourage meaningful conversation and interaction. Also, asking your senior loved one for advice or their opinion, can greatly boost their self confidence.

Positive Mindset
Support your senior loved one with staying in a more positive mindset. Find solutions or workarounds TOGETHER for challenges that present themselves. Remind your loved one of what they CAN do and that there is no shame in getting older and asking for help when the need arises.

Personal Appearance
Feeling fresh, having a good haircut, pretty nails, clean shave or nice looking outfit can be a great mood-booster. Remember, seniors want to feel and look their best, just like younger folk. Supporting them with this very personal need, finding out what is most important, and helping them with a self-care regimen and schedule, can be a big step forward in boosting self esteem.

Physical Exercise
Lack of regular and appropriate exercise can result in weaker muscles, decline of motor skills, and difficulty with overall balance and body strength. Incorporating exercise routines, regular walks or participation in exercise classes, can help maintain and even regain strength, balance, and vitality, boosting your loved ones’ self confidence and self-esteem.

Power of Touch
Gentle massage can help reduce stress and anxiety, leading to a healthier and happier state of mind. Work with a specialist or learn how to provide hand massages, using gentle lotions or soothing essential oils. Touch makes us feel safe and comfortable, and goes beyond verbal human connection.

Show Compassion
Limitations, physical and mental, can be challenging. Be patient and understanding when your loved one becomes irritated, frustrated or even angry. Learn how to best react and offer support, channeling their negative emotions towards a new solution or different approach, while helping them keep their dignity.

Accessible Environment
Nothing is more frustrating than living in an environment that hasn’t adjusted to the particular physical needs of a senior. Providing hand rails where needed, smooth and non-slip floors, removing tripping hazards, and putting everyday items within easy reach, can go a long way in improving a loved one’s day and sense of self confidence.

If you’re looking for a memory care community for a parent or loved one, please contact Memory Care Aravilla Sarasota. Our community is designed to make your loved one feel safe and comfortable, boosting their self-esteem and self confidence through carefully designed activities and programs. Call 941.413.5600 to speak with an advisor or to schedule a tour